GeoVITe is a user-friendly geodata data access service. Large-scale data is transmitted from WSL to ETH, which we were able to speed up downloads using Hercules and SCION technologies, without changing the existing systems. With the new system, the flexibility, convenience, and speed were improved compared to the previous workflow.

Bandwidth Allocation​

Anapaya Systems built a bandwidth allocation system into the SCI-ED network infrastructure. This system protects flows’ reserved bandwidth against other best-effort flows, providing bandwidth guarantees across the SWITCH SCION network. The video demonstrates the capabilities of the system.

Verified Secure Internet Forwarding

The research team of David Basin is verifying the correctness of SCION’s design and security protocols. The video below explains the mechanisms and approaches that used for the verification.  

Verifing SCION’s Implemention with Gobra​

Even though the SCION protocol has been proven to have strong security properties, its implementation can, in principle, still suffer from errors that invalidate core properties of the protocol. To ensure the correctness of SCION’s Go implementation, Peter Müller’s research group developed Gobra, a program verifier for Go. Gobra verifies specification compliance, memory safety, and […]

IT Lehrlabor

Exciting Opportunities for ETH’s IT Training Lab As part of the SCI-ED Project, we are aiming to expand the audience that will come in contact with the SCION technology at ETH. The IT Training Lab educates apprentices aspiring to become system administrators. We are currently in the process of setting up an educational module, allowing […]

SCIONLab Network Testbed

A global network testbed SCIONLab is a global research network to test and experiment with the SCION internet architecture. As part of the SCI-ED project, the SCIONLab infrastructure was much expanded. SCIONLab has the following goals: Novel experiments: SCIONLab enables researchers to actively participate in the SCION network and perform secure, fine-grained inter-domain route control, […]

SCI-ED Network measurements

When looking at the measurement period of March 2021, we can see stable connectivity not only between the SCI-ED sites, but also between the test hosts within those sites. SCION Control Message Protocol (SCMP) measurements were taken every 5 minutes for a total of 8928 measurements per month between each pair of test hosts. Across […]


Cyber threats have substantially increased in recent years. To this end, the Cyber Defence Campus (CYD) was founded in January 2019 in order to anticipate cyber developments more quickly. As part of the SCI-ED project, all CYD campuses in Lausanne, Thun, and Zürich will be connected through the SCION network.CYD researchers are studying vulnerabilities and […]


The Singapore-ETH Centre was established in 2010 by ETH Zurich and Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF), as part of the NRF’s CREATE campus. As ETH Zurich’s only research centre outside of Switzerland, the centre has strengthened the research capacity of ETH Zurich to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges in Switzerland, Singapore and the surrounding […]


The Hercules file transfer system demonstrates that high-speed file transfers are possible with SCION. This video shows an early demonstration. In collaboration between ETH and SWITCH, we could achieve machine-to-machine file transfers of close to 100 Gbps from Bern to Lugano across the SWITCH network.  Hercules is a data transfer application that takes advantage of […]