Verified Secure Internet Forwarding

The research team of David Basin is verifying the correctness of SCION’s design and security protocols. The video below explains the mechanisms and approaches that used for the verification.  

Verifing SCION’s Implemention with Gobra​

Even though the SCION protocol has been proven to have strong security properties, its implementation can, in principle, still suffer from errors that invalidate core properties of the protocol. To ensure the correctness of SCION’s Go implementation, Peter Müller’s research group developed Gobra, a program verifier for Go. Gobra verifies specification compliance, memory safety, and […]


Cyber threats have substantially increased in recent years. To this end, the Cyber Defence Campus (CYD) was founded in January 2019 in order to anticipate cyber developments more quickly. As part of the SCI-ED project, all CYD campuses in Lausanne, Thun, and Zürich will be connected through the SCION network.CYD researchers are studying vulnerabilities and […]