GeoVITe is a user-friendly geodata data access service. Large-scale data is transmitted from WSL to ETH, which we were able to speed up downloads using Hercules and SCION technologies, without changing the existing systems. With the new system, the flexibility, convenience, and speed were improved compared to the previous workflow.


The Hercules file transfer system demonstrates that high-speed file transfers are possible with SCION. This video shows an early demonstration. In collaboration between ETH and SWITCH, we could achieve machine-to-machine file transfers of close to 100 Gbps from Bern to Lugano across the SWITCH network.¬† Hercules is a data transfer application that takes advantage of […]

Accelerating Open Data Access Archive at PSI

The primary goal was to offer the data downloadable from downloadable via the SCI-ED network, employing the Hercules file transfer system. This would lead to higher-performance downloads for these large-scale data sets. Before, the downloads over the 10 Gbit/s link were handled by the wget tool. The new implementation based on ScionFTP achieved speeds […]

Petabyte Archive: Transmission of large photon science datasets from PSI to CSCS

The Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)¬†maintains two 100 Gbit/s direct links to the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS). Over these links, data from the central data catalogue are regularly transmitted from Villigen to Lugano. The datasets stem from the Photon Science facilities SLS (synchrotron) and SwissFEL (X-ray laser) in the form of so called datasets. Each […]