Several entities in Switzerland  make use of the large-scale data processing facilities at CSCS.  SCION will support these efforts by providing high-speed, large-scale data transmission.

High-Perfomance File Transfer (Hercules)



Hospitals and other healthcare providers require a secure network to exchange highly sensitive information such as Electronic Patient Dossiers (EPD) among themselves and with research institutions in the ETH domain. They require high availability, geofencing, prevention of hijacking attacks, etc. SCION combines the perfect technology to provide these properties for entities connected by different network providers with an economical approach.


Even though the SCION protocol has been proven to have strong security properties, its implementation can, in principle, still suffer from errors that invalidate core properties of the protocol. To ensure the correctness of SCION’s Go implementation, we have developed Gobra, a program verifier for Go. Gobra verifies specification compliance, memory safety, and crash freedom of the SCION implementation and ensures its trustworthiness.


Command-and-control systems for critical infrastructure require highly reliable communication access. Typically, such access is achieved through leased lines and dedicated networks. However, when access is required by a variety of entities from multiple locations (e.g., administrators at home or on travel, collaborators, external corporations), providing reliable access is very challenging. Based on SCION mechanisms, we construct systems that enable the creation of such highly available communication networks.

Results: Bandwidth Allocation


Our network platform enables new research in computer networks, network security, and networked applications. The single-path nature and intransparent operation of the current Internet prevent research on the emerging network topics of path awareness and multipath communication. We expect that these areas will be of critical importance in the future, and ETH domain researchers can obtain a competitive advantage by leveraging the SCION deployment.