SCION Infrastructure for the ETH Domain

The SCION secure Internet architecture offers enhanced security, availability, and performance. The SCI-ED project enables secure and highly-available communication between institutions of the ETH domain and partners.

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High-performance data transmission

Several entities in Switzerland make use of the large-scale data processing facilities at CSCS. SCION will support these efforts by providing high-speed, large-scale data transmission.

Secure communication of sensitive data

Hospitals and other healthcare providers require a secure network to exchange highly sensitive information such as Electronic Patient Dossiers (EPD).

High availability for critical infrastructures

Command-and-control systems for critical infrastructure require highly reliable communication access. Typically, such access is achieved through leased lines and dedicated networks.

Network platform

Our network platform enables new research in computer networks, network security, and networked applications.

Project Partners

Singapore-ETH Centre
SWITCH Foundation
Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
Paul Scherrer Institut
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre


GeoVITe is a user-friendly geodata data access service. Large-scale data is transmitted from WSL to ETH, which we were able to speed up downloads using

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Bandwidth Allocation​

Anapaya Systems built a bandwidth allocation system into the SCI-ED network infrastructure. This system protects flows’ reserved bandwidth against other best-effort flows, providing bandwidth guarantees

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IT Lehrlabor

Exciting Opportunities for ETH’s IT Training Lab As part of the SCI-ED Project, we are aiming to expand the audience that will come in contact

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SCIONLab Network Testbed

A global network testbed SCIONLab is a global research network to test and experiment with the SCION internet architecture. As part of the SCI-ED project,

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Project Leader


Project Leader SCI-ED

IT Services ETHZ

Steering Comitee

Rui Brandao

Director of IT Services, ETH

Gerd Mann

Head IT, PSI

Martin Leuthold

Director Security & Network, Switch

Rafael Corvalan EPFL

Rafael Corvalan



Chris Gamboni


Mathias Bothe

Christophe Berner


René Neukomm

Stephan Koch

ETHZ Programming Methodology Group

Prof. Peter Müller

Professor, D-INFK

Felix Wolf

PhD Candidate

João Pereira

PhD Candidate

Linard Arquint

PhD Candidate

Dr. Martin Clochard

Computer Scientist

Marco Eilers

PhD Candidate

ETHZ Information Security Group​

Prof. David Basin

Professor at D-INFK

Dr. Ralf Sasse

Computer Scientist

Dr. Si Liu

Computer Scientist

Tobias Klenze

PhD Candidate

Dr. Sprenger Christoph

Computer Scientist

ETHZ Network Security Group​

Prof. Adrian Perrig

Professor at D-INFK

Joel Wanner

PHD Candidate

Claude Hähni

Computer Scientist

Benjamin Rothenberger

PHD Candidate

Cédric Neukom

Computer Scientist

Matthias Frei

Computer Scientist

Kamila Soucková

Computer Scientist

SCION Implementation Team

François Wirz

Computer Scientist


Gerd Mann

Head IT, PSI


Thomas Kramer

Stephan Röthlisberger


Lukas Bischofberger

Samuel Hitz


Martin Leuthold

Daniel Bertolo

Simon Leinen

Fabian Mauchle