Connect Your Organization
to the SCION Network

This page describes how you can connect your organization or unit to the SCION network. Even though connecting to a next-generation Internet may seem like a daunting task, numerous research institutes have joined the network already and the process has become quite simple. As an IT or network engineer, you might have many questions, which we attempt to answer here — we invite you to reach out to us for more in-depth responses.


Contact SWITCH to install one (or ideally two) additional SCION uplink(s) for your site, next to your regular Internet links. You will also need one (or ideally two) server(s) for the SCION control service, as well as a SCION border router(s).

Using SCION is no harder than using regular Internet services, since with the SCION IP Gateway (SIG) you can keep using your regular IP applications. To use SCION native applications, you can use the provided packages and setup instructions for your platform.


During a specific measurement period during one week in July last year, a loss rate of only 0.077‰ packets was measured. Through the redundant uplink even higher availability can be expected.

Furthermore, the SIG can automatically fail over to redundant connections typically with milliseconds, making network failures imperceptible to users.


At the moment, the commercial company Anapaya is running and supporting the network. This will be handed over completely to dedicated engineers at SWITCH, who will offer professional support in the future.


SCION enables fine-grained traffic flow engineering if desired, but can also simply optimize flows by default. For fine-grained traffic flow engineering, you can configure on the SIG which paths should be used on a per-application and per-host basis. With redundant links, you can keep a link secret to achieve connectivity guarantees for incoming traffic. For sensitive communication that requires traffic to stay within a jurisdiction, you can use SCION’s geo-fencing features. Please contact us if you have a traffic control problem you would like to realize.


Many organizations need to maintain compliance standards. If packets must go through firewalls or pass by intrusion detection systems (IDS), Anapaya has built a module to log traffic flows and deliver netflow records to your IDS.

The connection setup of institutions connected to SCI-ED looks similar to the following diagram at a high level:

What’s next?

Connecting to SCION will bring immediate benefits to your organization, in terms of secure communication, availability, high-performance data transmission, and research opportunities. Please contact us here if you’d like to participate.