About the SCI-ED project

This website documents and showcases the SCI-ED project use cases, its participants and results. It provides an entry-point for interested parties such as IT & network stakeholders, researchers, and prospective users.

SCION for the ETH Domain (SCI-ED)

The ETH domain is home to world-class information security researchers. Recent advances in new Internet architectures have the potential to substantially improve the security and performance of networked systems in cyberspace.

The SCION secure Internet architecture has been developed at ETH Zurich over the past eight years, and has reached an advanced state of development and maturity.  SCION offers enhanced security, availability, and performance for all networked systems and services.

Through the SCI-ED project, SCION is now deployed across the ETH domain to enable secure and highly-available communication between the ETH domain institutions and their partners. This large-scale deployment is specifically targeting the following core use cases:
– High-performance data transmission
– Secure communication of sensitive data
– High availability of critical infrastructure
– Network platform enabling research in computer networks, security and applications.