When looking at the measurement period of March 2021, we can see stable connectivity not only between the SCI-ED sites, but also between the test hosts within those sites. SCION Control Message Protocol (SCMP) measurements were taken every 5 minutes for a total of 8928 measurements per month between each pair of test hosts.

Across all pairs considered only 10 out of 178560 SCMP packets were lost, for an optimal loss rate as low as 0.056‰.
This shows stable operation and high availability. Through the redundant links at each site, SCION can provide increased reliability in the SCI-ED network.


The lighter the color, there more losses were recorded for that AS as a destination of the scmp pings.

Graph 1: Full year of measurements: Configuration, reconfiguration and upgrade induced losses.
Graph 2: Month of March 2021: Stable operation, minimal loss