Accelerating Open Data Access Archive at PSI

The primary goal was to offer the data downloadable from downloadable via the SCI-ED network, employing the Hercules file transfer system. This would lead to higher-performance downloads for these large-scale data sets. Before, the downloads over the 10 Gbit/s link were handled by the wget tool. The new implementation based on ScionFTP achieved speeds of around 8.7 Gbit/s and an overall speedup factor of 2.53x.

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GeoVITe is a user-friendly geodata data access service. Large-scale data is transmitted from WSL to ETH, which we were able to speed up downloads using

Bandwidth Allocation​

Anapaya Systems built a bandwidth allocation system into the SCI-ED network infrastructure. This system protects flows’ reserved bandwidth against other best-effort flows, providing bandwidth guarantees

Verified Secure Internet Forwarding

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IT Lehrlabor

Exciting Opportunities for ETH’s IT Training Lab As part of the SCI-ED Project, we are aiming to expand the audience that will come in contact